Professional in Civil CAD

Duration : 1200hrs
Software used : AutoCAD + STAAD.Pro + Primavera / MS Project
                       AutoCAD + Civil 3D + Primavera / MS Project


The course objective is to teach the students the basic commands necessary for professional 2D CAD drawing, design, and drafting using a 2D drafting tool. Even students with no previous CAD experience can progress quickly through this course which is arranged in a sequence that is easy to understand.

The course objective is to teach students utilize the advanced capabilities of the software to handle surveys Civil design, Geospatial planning & terrain design. Also to train the students in structural Modeling, Designing and Analysis, Integrated Design and Finite Element Analysis. The student will learn about above mentioned modules. This course will help the students to familiarize on building design analysis stress, bending moment, shear force etc.

Course Content

During the course students will learn,

· Use of Points to Identify Existing Ground Locations & Design Elements
· Creating New Surfaces
· Creating 3D Corridor Models
· Use of Grading Tools to Design Finished Ground Surfaces
· Representing Lots in a Subdivision & Other Features with Closed Boundaries
· Creating Horizontal Alignment for Roadway Design
· Use of Profiles to Show Surface Elevations Along a Horizontal Alignment
· Use of Cross Sections to Provide Views of the Terrain
· Drawing 2D & 3D Models of Utility Systems Using Pipe Network Features
· Annotating Civil 3D Objects with Labels that Update Dynamically
· Inserting Tables into a Drawing to Document the Geometry
· Using Plan Production Tools to Quickly Create Construction Documents.

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