Professional in Project Planning Management

Duration : 1200hrs
Software used : Primavera + MS Project + PPM Concepts


The course is designed to make the participants a Project Management Professional. Objective of this course is to build capability to manage large projects over millions of activity among young and growing managers. Primavera helps the designers to save millions of dollars every day globally. A course on Primavera will add professional value to the individual.

The course is designed to make many Project Managers computer ready. The course teaches the project management tools of Microsoft Office Project. Participants will learn how the MSP is applied and implemented in small and medium size projects with limited activity. Project Management professionals with through knowledge on the concept and tool could effectively manage their projects and make more profits.

Course Content

· Project Management Life Cycle
· Introduction about Project and its management.
· Process Groups.
· Primavera
· P6 EPPM Suite.
· GUI of P6 Release 8.2 web and client.
· Initiating Process Group
· Data Structure of Primavera
· About Organizational Breakdown Structure
· About Enterprise Project Structure
· Preferences
· Importance of Administer tab in web
· About user preference in client.
· Planning Process Group
· Projects
· Calendars
· Work Breakdown Structure
· Relationship
· Scheduling
· Constraints
· Codes
· Roles
· Resources & Its Team
· Resource Plan
· Assigning a Resource
· Resource Analysis & Leveling
· Baseline
· User Defined Fields
· Budget
· Execution Process Group
· About Notebook, Feedback, Cost Accounts, Expenses
· Update
· Documents
· Issues
· Risk
· Check in & Check out
· Monitoring & Control Process Group
· Tracking
· Views
· Portfolio
· Dashboards
· Closing Process Group

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