Interior Architecture & Design

Course duration: 120 Hrs.
Software Used : AutoCAD + Photoshop

Expected learning outcome:

Our comprehensive and authorized curriculum is built by listening to people, market & Industry. You get hands-on experience with technology, tools, and equip yourself with the best practices that come handy in the world of networks. At the end of the day, you learn compose interior designs with your own views.

Interior designers work with interior spaces to make them visually and physically pleasing. While decorating the space is a prime responsibility, interior designers might also focus on architectural aspects of the space, such as crown molding.

Course Content

· Basic Design - Basic Design Elements, Design Principles, Spatial Organization
· Drawing - Drawing Equipments, Lettering, Projections, Free Hand Sketching, Perspective, Shadow & Reflections
· Building Materials - Stone, Clay Products, Cement, Mortar, Concrete, Timber, Plastics, Glass, Paints, Ferrous, Non-ferrous Metals, Alloys, Gypsum, Asbestos
· Design Process - Program Procedures, Activity & Furnishing Requirement, Dimensional Requirement Analysis, Activity Analysis, Furnishing Analyzing, Space Analysis, Dimensional Analysis, Desired Relationships Desired Qualities, Synthesis, Selecting Parts, Generate Ideas, Evaluation & Execution
· Interior Design Elements - Flooring, Walls, Ceiling, Arches, Lintels, Windows, Doors, Carpentry
· Human Dimensions - Anthropometry, Accessibility & Barrier Free Codes Services - Plumbing, Lighting
· Kitchen Design - Planning Stage, Flooring, Lighting, Water Treatment, Plumbing, Sink Center, Wiring, Ventilation, Fire Extinguisher, Cooking Range, Worktop Surface
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