Diploma in Graphic Design

Duration : 700hrs
Software used : Illustrator + Photoshop + InDesign + Coral Draw


Graphic Design will demonstrate proficiency in design principles, design process, theory, history and contemporary design practice. Students will develop an understanding of design process and problem solving methods and explore the effect graphic design has upon the human environment from social responsibility, sustainability and interdisciplinary perspectives. Students will demonstrate proficiency in identified technical skills, understand and apply basic principles in the process of creating, analyzing, and evaluating graphic design solutions in relation to specific end uses and consumer needs. Students will demonstrate proficiency in research, writing, communication and presentation skills.

Course Content

During the course students will learn,

· Getting Started with Vector & Raster
· Working with Files
· Introducing & using Tools, Rulers, Guides and Snap-to Guides
· Working with Layers & Channels
· Making Selection
· Placing Type in an Image
· Working with Special Layer Functions
· Creating Special Effects with Filters
· Multi-Page Document Setup & Master Pages
· Using Clipping Groups, Paths & Shapes
· Formatting Type including Styles, Sizes, Leading, Tracking, Kerning
· Working with Short-cuts
· Painting & Illustrations with Photoshop, Illustrator
· Typography
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