Duration : 120hrs
Software used : AUTOCAD


The course objective is to teach the students the basic commands necessary for professional 2D CAD drawing, design, and drafting using a 2D drafting tool. Even students with no previous CAD experience can progress quickly through this course which is arranged in a sequence that is easy to understand. Participants will learn CAD fundamentals and the capabilities in 2D drawing. The software used for this course will be AutoCAD.


Expected Learning Outcome:

  • Navigate the interface comfortably
  • Use the fundamental features and precision drafting tools in AutoCAD to develop accurate technicaldrawings.
  • Present drawings in a detailed and visually impressive manner


Course Justification:

After completing the course students can be employed as a draughts-man in

  • Architectural firms
  • Manufacturing units
  • Engineering services outsourcing firms.


Books to be given:

  • Foundation CADD reference guide Volume 1
  • Workbook (Civil/ Mechanical/ Electrical)

AutoCAD 2D:

• Creating Blocks
• Dynamic blocks
• Parameters
• Creating, managing and extracting attributes
• Measuring tools
• Slide creation
• Running Scripts
• Creating compound documents with OLE
• External references
• AutoCAD Design Center
• Tool palettes
• Explode the drawing
• Plotting the drawings
• Markup
• Publish

AutoCAD 3D

• Understand and use Viewpoint and UCS
• Wireframe Modeling
• Solid Modeling & Editing
• Mesh Modeling & Editing
• Surface Modeling & Editing
• Create & Manage 2D Views from 3D Models
• Materials
• Lights
• Rendering
• Working with Images
• Import and Export

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