Diploma in Electrical CAD

Duration : 700hrs
Software used : AutoCAD + AutoCAD Electrical


The course objective is to teach students all commands necessary for professional Electrical CAD drawing, design and drafting using an Electrical drafting tool. Even students with no previous CAD experience can progress quickly through this course which is arranged in a sequence that is easy to understand. Participants will learn Electrical CAD fundamentals and the capabilities in 2D drawing. The software used for this course will be AutoCAD Electrical.

Course Content

During the course students will learn,

· Introduction
· Project
· Introduction to Project Manager
· Working with Projects
· Drawing
· Insert a Component
· Connecting a component
· Create a Library Symbol
· Symbol Builder
· Circuit Builder
· Save circuit to icon menu
· Component Tools
· Component Attribute Tools
· Wires
· Signal Arrows
· Ladder tools
· Wire numbers
· Wire Number Edit
· Generate PLC Layout Modules
· PLC parametric selection
· Module layout
· Insert PLC modules
· Edit PLC module
· PLC Database File
· Point to Point Wiring Tools
· Introduction to Connector Diagrams
· Inserting Connectors
· Grouping Wires
· Conversion tool
· Panel Layout
· Generate Reports
· Project