Diploma in Architectural CAD

Duration : 700hrs
Software used : AutoCAD + Revit Architecture / 3ds Max


The course objective is to teach the students the basic commands necessary for professional 2D CAD drawing, design, and drafting using a 2D drafting tool. Even students with no previous CAD experience can progress quickly through this course which is arranged in a sequence that is easy to understand. Participants will learn CAD fundamentals and the capabilities in 2D drawing, creating effective 3D modeling, interior & exterior building designs and the concept called BIM. The student will learn about below mentioned modules.

The course introduces to the essential concepts of 3D computer graphics and animation. It will enable students to migrate from 2D design to 3D design and animations. The course will help to create photorealistic images, and walkthrough animations in multimedia, architectural interiors and exteriors.

Course Content:

During the course students will learn,

· Introduction to BIM and Revit Architecture
· Project Settings
· Multi - story Settings
· Complete a Plan by using different wall families
· Designing Complex walls and Wall Profiles
· Placing Doors, Windows and Components
· View and Camera Settings
· Dimensions and Constraints
· Designing Floors and Ceilings
· Placing Ceiling Components
· Curtain Walls Creations
· Designing different Stair case types
· Conceptual Modeling for Exterior Design
· Project Presentation with Rendering and Walkthroughs
· Annotation and Scheduling
· Placing Structural Elements
· Sheet setting and Plotting
· Site Designing
· Working with a Team
· Working with Linked Models
· Presenting a Project with Multiple Design Options
· Creating multiple phases
· Presenting the Project with customized materials
· Placing Decals
· Interference Checking
· Customizing Project Settings
· Export / Import
· Working with element groups
· Creating customized families
· Doors, Windows, Furniture, Staircase, Lights
· Walkthrough video
· Rendering high quality Images